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Main Topics

The Forum Will Focus on Three Main Themes
Topic 1
The tools of empowering the family to make informed decisions in light of current economic and social changes
  • Family supportive legislations and policies ... Vision 2030 as the model.
  • FAC … partnerships and comprehensive solutions to achieve sustainable development goals by 2030.
  • Factors impacting the family’s ability to make informed decisions and their role in the process of empowerment. 
Topic 2
The family’s responsibility toward the environment, society, the economy and its role in developing human capital
  • The family’s social responsibility as a tool for achieving sustainable development.
  • The family’s role in protecting the environment (effective international examples and experiences).
  • The culture of saving and rational consumption as economic models for achieving sustainable development.
  • The family’s role in developing human capital (developing talent and facing challenges).
Topic 3
Family: The initial sponsor of youth’s cultural and national identity​
  • The role of the family in promoting good citizenship and consolidating its values ​​in the hearts of children.
  • The family and the formation of cultural identity.
  • The family as an educational institution and its role in developing talents among young people and achieving national goals (international experiences).

Target Audience

National leaders in all fields related to family

Leaders, experts and high-level specialists from all across the globe

International organizations in all fields related to family

All segments of society
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About the Forum
With the approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Patronage of the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development and Family Affairs Council President Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi, the Saudi Family Forum will be held on October 24th & 25th 2021 (18/3/1443H).
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